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So that we may better serve your needs, please provide us with the following information for EACH new order:

Se we can follow up with you about your order
How many total records are on the data files provided for this campaign?
In case we need to reach out to you.
Out of the total records provided, how many records will be used for this campaign?
* If you are UPDATING the art of a previous campaign, please list the changes/difference on the "NOTES" section below.

File Upload:
Please provide data, art and asset files for your campaign. You can ZIP all your files together as a single upload or upload them individually. We accept .ZIP, .PDF, .CSV, .XLSX, .JPG, .PNG, .PSD, .INDD and .AI files.

Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 10 files.

Mail Format: Choose the Mail Piece Format and Postage Type for this campaign.

i.e. Small Postcard, Letter...
Use Google StreetView for this mailing?

Mail Drop and Mailing Schedule.

*500 piece minimum per drop within a campaign

Choose between 1-5 weeks.
e.g. 2 times per week...
*At least 1 week lead time
Say "VAR" if phone number is a variable in the data.
Say "VAR" if the return address is a variable in the data.

One of our representatives will confirm the order within 24 hours (business days). If you have any questions please reach out to Rob or Trevor at 407-673-4500.

For questions regarding billing/invoicing please contact Charlotte at 407-673-4500 ext. 157 or email at